Kate Duke

The Tale of Kate Duke
A True Story

Once upon a time, eight p.m. Eastern Standard Time to be exact, on August first of a certain year, a baby was born in New York City.  Her name was Kate Duke.  It was an exciting day for her mother and father, but Kate herself doesn’t remember any of it.  A few years later, a little brother came along, then another little brother, and finally a little sister.tale_cradle


All of the Dukes lived together on the fourteenth floor of an apartment building.  Across the street was a park where Kate and her friends played in the playground, roller-skated, rode bikes, and begged their mothers for money to buy popsicles from the ice-cream man.


When she wasn’t disporting herself in the park, Kate went to school, which she liked very much, except for math.  In sixth grade, some exciting things happened. One day in art class, she drew a picture of a dog. Suddenly she noticed that it really looked pretty much like a dog! This was the first time Kate realized she had artistic talent. 


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